Metrology. IR optics

Novotech has all the necessary equipment to measure any specification of optical parts for IR materials, infrared optics, laser lenses and mirrors, Si, Ge, and GaAs wafers, etc.

Materials & Optical Performance

Jandel RM3000 Four Point Probe
         Resistivity checker
         N or P Type checker
Perkin Elmer FTIR 1600 Spectrophotometer
Associated Environmental Humidity Chamber

Mechanical & Optical Performance

Talysurf PGI 1240 Surface Profiler ​​​
        Newest Ultra System Software
        Aspheric & Diffractive Analysis
Intellium Z100 ESDI Interferometer
Precitech 250U Ultracomp Surface Profiler
Optipro Ultracurve High Precision Spherometer
Dorsey 14" Optical Digital Comparator
Drop Gauges
Calipers Micrometers
Centration Inspection Stations
ABTech Multi-axis Centration Inspection Station
Handheld SatisLoh Spherometers ​
MIL-STD Scratch/Dig Inspection Booth

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